Before you transplant the cyclamen, carefully remove the remaining leaves from the attachment. Do not use scissors, they can hurt the germination zone, then the plant will not bloom and maybe perish.
Prepare a soil mixture of humus, leaf soil, peat and sand in the ratio 1:3:1:1 or buy in-store special mix for cyclamen.
Be sure to warm the earth in the oven on a metal tray for one hour at a temperature of 80 ° C. This will help to avoid fungal diseases that afflict plants.
Take a pot one size larger than the previous one. Make drainage holes in the bottom. If the pot is too large, undeveloped roots of the earth will sour and the plant may die.
Disinfect the pot before you transplant the cyclamen.
Pour the drain to cover the whole bottom of the pot. As drainage use expanded clay, broken bricks, gravel or a special drainage store-bought.
Shake the flower together with earth from the pot, holding the tuber with clod of earth.
Snap off the ground with shallow roots, without touching the kom with the tuber. Small roots can be cut with scissors.
Backfill with soil mixture to a level of half of the pot. Not utrambovyvaya the ground so that the roots have enough air and space for germination.
Place the top of the tuber with clod of earth. Spread the remaining roots and fill the tuber to half.
Produce abundant watering plants.
Continue to fill soil mixture as long as the tuber will not be covered by two thirds. One-third of the tuber must be free from earth.
Move the flower after transplanting to the loggia or outside in the garden. Let it stay there until the first frost. Don't forget that the plant should be protected from the rain.
A month after the transplant will begin appearing with the young leaves, the first time to feed the plant.