Exactly bioenergy is assumed that the plants are dying in people with so-called difficult character, i.e. those who are characterized by their problems and troubles are attributed to the fault of others, cruelty or undue inflexibility.

It is believed that magnetic resonance field that is formed around the angry person destroys the biochemical context of a plant, the flower is exhausted and dies, essentially, from starvation.

Improper care of a flower

However, it is possible and other, more prosaic factors. For example, invalid care. The most common mistake of novice gardeners is that they start to fill your flowers.

Excessive watering, even with good drainage, leads to the decay of the root system, education pleshanovo fungus. Roots in the wet and dense the earth is choking, the first sign is loss of color of leaves of the plant. Moreover, the leaves do not necessarily turn yellow, they may just be faded, it is a reason to check the soil moisture. Just insert a stick or toothpick in the ground as if you check the readiness of the pie. If the earth sticks to the stick, air-dry soil (emergency measure might be to transplant plants with a lump of land in larger pots with dry soil).

Dying flowers and lack of lighting, often gardeners misled by the apparently very bright room with white walls or a high ceiling. Each home flower garden must be portable daylight lamp, which will help to regulate solar exposure in the offseason and in cases of diseases of plants.
It is important to remember that not all flowers love the intense light. Tropical plants and those that live in the forest-steppe zone, prefer partial shade.


In apartments with cold batteries or too intensive heating the flowers may not perish, but to fully develop just will not. So, if you notice that the plants froze in a pore, blooming unusually small and pale colors, fold the bottom sheet – it's probably just temperature.

Cold-water flowers set on a balcony or terrace, and a thermophilic substitute for the heater, but make sure not to dry because of it soil, because it is because of the dry air killed the flowers with large leaves and wax-like coating on them.

But most of the house plants die because of diseases and pests. For example, aphids, whiteflies and mites kill flowers within a couple of weeks and the mold and mildew first appear as spots on leaves or a white crust on their back side, and after removing the outlier argument to transform the culture medium sheet in a liquid unpleasant mush.
To deal with aphids will help the insecticides, mold and win change the soil and wash the roots.

And generally be careful in plants.