Cyclamens do not respond well to excess moisture because their tubers are prone to decay. Waterlogged land, combined with lower temperatures leads to the development of deformed flowers. It is best to water the plant 1-2 times a week, this water needs to be poured in the tray of the pot and not on the roots. The root of the cyclamen has the appearance of a tuber and is designed so that the water easily accumulates in the center, where the hollows come out the flowers and leaves. Water hanging up there, will cause a rot of the tuber and diseases of cyclamen. When planting or the purchase of a plant in a pot need to check the tuber must rise above the earth's surface by about 1 see If the flower these conditions does not match, an urgent need to transplant it according to the rules.
The first sign of fungal disease, which is caused by waterlogging is yellowing out of season leaves. They should be immediately removed in a special way - taking the base, Unscrew from the tuber almost without effort. In no case can the affected leaves pull or cut off completely from the sheet thus removed, and the remaining fragments will serve as an even greater source of infection. Once all the leaves off, the plant must be translated into more dry mode. Check the soil moisture of cyclamen and the need for watering in several ways. The easiest option is to press a finger into the soil so that the finger plunged about 1-1,5 cm If the soil at this depth is sufficiently moist, and sticks to your finger, the plant while watering is not needed. The second method is to check the pot weight after watering and dry. After several weeks of training, raising the pot, you will say, should be watered cyclamen now or to postpone it a day or two.
The need of cyclamen in water depends on the temperature of the room and the lighting in the room. As a rule, the warmer and lighter, the more the plant needs water, as actively growing under favorable conditions. An important role plays the age of cyclamen. Young plants have highly developed root system, so require frequent, regular but not very abundant watering. And the plant is 3 years old and has a good root system and prefers rare, but abundant watering. If the roots of cyclamen filled the entire pot, the plant should be watered abundantly, than that, which is still a lot of room for growth of the root system. Twice as often watering plants in clay pots compared to plastic pots. Baked clay absorbs a lot of moisture from the soil and evaporates it through the wall of the vessel. After irrigation water in the pan must not remain longer than half an hour. This is enough time that the entire substrate can be impregnated after all the remaining water from the pan poured.