To register another user, run the Skype program on your computer. If it opened another person's account, click in the upper left corner on the Skype tab and select "Exit". In the window that appears click on the words "Register new users".
You automatically got to the page of this program on the Internet. Enter in the free fields, the required personal data. Surname, name, age, gender, language and location you can set it up, but it will greatly complicate the search for you on Skype for your friends and acquaintances. Phone number and email address you must enter real, as this will depend on your connection. On imaginary room hardly someone will call and email will receive the notification about the program.
Create for yourself a username, which should consist of at least 6 characters and password. If such login already exists, the system will immediately inform you and will offer a choice of several other options. Enter the password and re-enter it in the next window.
Please note the fields marked with an asterisk. They are mandatory.
Fill in all required fields, enter in the end of the page the text shown in the picture. If you are not as visible letters on it, hit "Refresh" or "Listen". Then select "I agree () Next' or ' I agree (on). Create an account". After that, the system will once again check the entered data. If everything is correct, you will be registered as a new user and get access to the program.
Remember your username, password, or write them down. Add some information about yourself to facilitate search you in the program. Upload your own pictures and provide your Skype username to relatives, friends and acquaintances with whom you will now be able to communicate.