How to behave at the interview

The interview should behave openly and friendly, but not "kissing up" to employers. Always remember that they need you as you in the job. Imagine yourself as a professional who has a lot of job offers. To hr managers understand that their firm is not the only one who wants to get such a valuable employee. Show that you have the ability to choose. Be confident, answer the questions employers deployed, try to show how much knowledge you have in the profession.

For an interview please dress elegantly and professionally. Formal suit and a light shirt will help when applying for any position. This appearance shows that you - serious man, ready for productive work.

What not to say in the interview

Candor in interviews is welcome, but it is not necessary to mention any negative aspects of their activities. To talk about mistakes, being late for work etc. Also can not articulate the reason for the dismissal, if it was non-standard. If in the work book entry was made "... at will", it is better to name the option that the last job was not career opportunities, or even just to say that in connection with moving on a new residence the office was too far from home. These reasons for dismissal say about the applicant as a person who value their time, ready to grow and develop, to work for the good of the company.

Can't speak ill about the previous company, even if you went there not very good. Complaints against the last employer describe you as a person and the conflict is not only committed to triple for a new position, but will prevent this.

Don't be late for the interview! One thing that may disappoint future employer and he would prefer another candidate.

What to talk about at the interview

Prepare for meeting with the interviewers. To the story of the achievements of the more illustrative you can take with you portfolio. It is a great indicator of your successful work. Showing texts and pictures, will be much easier to build a conversation. Don't have to prove anything, all your skills will be presented and documented. Tell us how you have achieved results, like you stand your day, what you need for success. This responsible approach at the stage of interview will help persuade an employer to decide to employ you.