Of course, a good vacancy find not only you, but because there is competition. Besides the obvious job skills, is considered an important interview. In fact, a successful interview depends very much, as it's your first meeting with a new employer, you should make a good impression.

1. Do not worry. Try to behave calmly and naturally, Nike shiver and panic, reassure yourself in advance and bring to normal, then you and the supervisor would be easier and more pleasant to communicate, not creating false first impressions.

2. Don't contradict. It is not necessary to interrupt the Director or to contradict him, even if it is fundamentally wrong. It will not prove anything except that you can't keep yourself, so refrain from any negative statements, and after the interview you make your decision about the job in this company.

3. Prove your professionalism with arguments, feel free to tell us about your past work and experience.

4. Show your best side, as a professional, and just a good person.

5. Prepare in advance for the interview, trying to learn more about the company, demonstrate your knowledge as if "by the way", the head will appreciate it.

6. Be sure to pay special attention to their appearance. Do not have to wear your best suit, but all the elements of your clothes should look harmonious and neat. It is worth noting that still meet on clothes.

7. Your speech should be intelligible and beautiful, you should be nice to listen to, because no word-parasites and muttering under his breath.

8. Convince yourself and the employer in its success in professional work and great potential.

9. Answer the questions briefly and to the point, it is not necessary to enumerate or to share life experience with the employer.

10. Develop the subject and go deep into details in those cases, if it will emphasize your professionalism.

11. At the end of the interview, try to get as much information as possible about the employer and the company.

12. Strive as much as possible to business proposals, you will give yourself the opportunity of choice, no need to rely only on one company.

13. Evaluate all of the proposals received and accept your decision in favor of one or another company, all the rest will also inform about your decision.

Most importantly: do not worry, be calm, self-sufficient, polite and competent. And not only that interview, but always.