More cultured man turns careful with the word, it clearly identifies the arbitrariness and precariousness of generalizations and conclusions, as well as the inaccuracy and limitations of information received. That is why people should first think and then speak.
To think, of course, harder than talking. For preliminary mental testing beliefs need time, so at the moment the man pauses before answering, and indeed during the conversation, more trying to learn something new for yourself, rather than something to persuade the interlocutor.
Some people believe that to find out they have nothing, they believe in the rightness of their opinions and are indignant when they dare to object. These people always continue to develop his idea, not trying to understand the opponent, kill him. This indicates a lack of solid logic and desire for her.
To learn to talk less, you need to consider your thoughts, there is a time to be silent. The more he talks, the less he thinks and Vice versa. The more information people have, the greater the time required for its synthesis. Constantly speaking man gradually forgot to think.
First take your breath. Breathe only with your belly, follow the shoulders that constantly strive to be ahead of the stomach or lifting. Don't let them. Your belly imagine a soft ball, on the inhale it should expand. Breath should last for 3 seconds, count them. Slightly hold your breath but do not strain, then exhale, pronouncing a prolonged humming sound without dragging the belly. Your mouth open you should not. This training isn't uncomfortable, practice is the key to success. Practice as often as possible and gradually replace the humming sound in any other words.
During a conversation try not to throw out the flow of speech and not jump out of it, try to relax and calm down. Of course, it is hard to be vigilant and not to say too much. Gradually this problem will be solved if you try.