To use the phone as a Navigator, find out if there is GPS module. This can be done on the manufacturer's website. Call hotline, here the operator will also be able to advise you about the possibilities of the phone.
If this function is available for your phone model, download from any available source on the Internet of a GPS app and install it. Assuming that the installation was successful, the main menu will appear the item, often it is simply called "Navigator".
Install maps of the area where you plan to use navigation. Card, keep it in phone memory, especially if the Navigator is used in typical travel phone works in roaming, otherwise each time you download data from the account will be charged for the Internet traffic.
To configure Navigator available to change the system changes the distance (usually available in metric, Imperial and naval), language pack. In addition, you can choose the method route and mode of movement (pedestrian or car).
Many applications have a number of useful features, such as voice-guided route, traffic jams, additional more detailed information (hospitals, gas stations, bistros, etc.). When you select an application read more about the features of the program.