Tea is credited with many beneficial healing properties, and indeed it is. Tea used for improving immunity and General vitality of the human body. This drink is a good thirst quencher in hot weather and warms in cold. But, it turns out, tea is also able to relieve nausea.
Tea with honey saves from insomnia, and with infusions of herbs — from nervous disorders.

Tea for nausea

Tea is able to relieve nausea, because it is a natural antiseptic, that is, has a strong antibacterial action. So this drink doctors recommended for people suffering from diseases of the gastrointestinal tract, but not exceeding the daily rate. Most effective natural green tea, which, however, should not be consumed on an empty stomach.

In fact, the tea leaf contains a lot of useful minerals and substances which, entering the human body, begin to fight in it pathogenic bacteria and microorganisms. Sweet tea produces special substances, which have strong antimicrobial properties that can cure dysentery.

That is why tea can relieve nausea and stop the vomiting at any stage. If you feel unwell, associated with unpleasant sensations in the stomach, which is aggravated by nausea, you should drink several cups of strong sweet black tea. Only in this case the tea is to use only natural tea leaves. Otherwise, packaged or granular beverage may cause the opposite effect.


If severe nausea and vomiting reflexes to relieve these urges - it is recommended that a few minutes of chewing dried tea leaves, that is, large-leaf tea leaves.

Chewing tea leaves helps to cope with nausea in addition, this tool is suitable for both adults and children.

Tea helps with alcohol poisoning and drug overdose due to the fact that he is diaphoretic and diuretic. Frequent urination and profuse sweating after drinking a drink that can ruin the human body all the accumulated harmful toxic substances, including the breakdown products of alcohol and drugs. With the passage of the active medical treatment and is recommended every morning to drink strong tea without sugar. On an empty stomach to drink is not desirable, so take care of a light Breakfast, which will be the tea.

Welding it is better to use non-fermented big leaf. Enhances the beneficial effects of tea, adding milk, which disinfects, valid also honey, lemon, cinnamon, Apple will give a tart flavor.