Trapezoids or rectangles

The treasure chest you can draw, of course, and at an angle. But in this case it is necessary to consider at least the elementary laws of perspective, to calculate a ratio, positioning the line at a right angle. This, of course, also possible to do this but the easiest way to draw the chest - so that he's standing right in front of you. If we consider this subject, you can see that it consists of either two rectangles or a rectangle and a trapezoid, regardless of, he cover is open or closed. Swipe close to the bottom edge of the sheet a horizontal line and mark on it the length of the trunk. From these marks, draw up two lines, mark them on the height of the lower part of the chest and connect the marks between themselves.
If the lower part of the chest will be in the form of a trapezoid, begin drawing with the horizontal line, mark the length of the bottom, slide at an angle of a side edge and connect the ends.


At some distance from the upper line of the guide parallel to it direct, it will be the bottom lid of the open trunk. He was breaking from the right gold coins and emerald beads, so they will be visible between these lines. And then everything is quite simple. Draw a line on this rectangle to the altitude, what do you think is acceptable.
The chests, by the way, were very different, some cover was placed almost above the bottom.

Decorate the chest

The creators of the chests showed outstanding creativity and vivid imagination. The chest was strong, beautiful and intricate lock. Upholster the trunk forged iron. To do this, just need to paint along edges, and bottom edges of the main part and covers parallel lines, adorning their fancy hats of nails. Moreover, the trunk lid may be rounded, that is, the edges better to make is not strictly vertical, and at a very slight angle. In the middle of the lid and bottom, draw a castle with an overlay. The pirates, of course, covered their chests and padlocks, but it was not the most reliable thing. Mortise lock is stronger and more beautiful. The chest you can decorate intricate designs – floral or geometric patterns, animal silhouettes, etc.

Add beads (rows of dots), chains with links of various shapes and other decorations. Among the treasures can be of different coins, which on a horizontal plane will seem ovals, precious stones of all kinds and types. Diamonds, rubies and emeralds are drawn just in the form of polyhedra of different sizes.