You will need
  • Lettuce, mayonnaise, olive oil, glassware, plastic ware, enamelware, kitchen utensils of stainless steel.
For catering dressed with lettuce should be stored no more than 30 minutes. At home, the shelf life can be more long. A lot depends on the salad dressing. So, fresh vegetable salad, seasoned with olive oil and store in a glass jar in the refrigerator for two hours. After this time vegetables, of course, will not spoil, but will look rested. The fact is that the chopped vegetables secrete a juice, which affects their appearance.
According to the sanitary standards, the shelf life of lettuce, dressed with mayonnaise, is 3 hours in summer. Unmade salad can be stored twice as long, i.e. 6 hours. If the salad includes any preservative, the shelf life increases. Of course, after 3 hours, the salad will not turn sour. However, the number of pathogenic flora may exceed the norm. So, in the summer, surviving on the second day the salad is generally not recommended to eat.
Storage salad, use a glass dish with a tight lid. Alternatively, suitable plastic packaging, stainless steel, enamelled. Never store salad in aluminum container as it reacts with food especially with the content of vinegar or acid.
The shelf life of the salad "Olivier" in the winter is different. Maximum storage time: 18 hours. That is salad "Olivier" you need to eat for 18 hours after it is made. Note that this applies to the already dressed salad. If "olive" is not filled, store it in the refrigerator for 24 hours. The use of expired salad threatens to indigestion or even poisoning. In order to preserve the "Olivier" for a longer period, make harvesting: cut the potatoes, carrots, eggs. And other products: pickled cucumber, peas, sausage mix into salad before serving.
Meat and fish salads are not dressed with sour cream, mayonnaise or other sauces, you can store no more than 18 hours at a temperature of + 4oC, that is in the fridge. Mayonnaise refers to perishable products. He's especially dangerous in hot weather. So make a bowl of salad in store - it's a pretty bad habit. Sour cream generally can't stand the heat: it turns sour just a half hour. Canned peas can also be attributed to perishable products. Open the jar just before adding the peas in the salad.