"Chain of coincidences" can lead to a major change in life. To the change of job, wedding, birth of a child, the death of a person. This is random only at first glance.

Coincidence or fate?

How to understand whether some predefined event or is it just a coincidence? You need to try to take a new direction and see how things turn out. If encounters more and more obstacles, it's most likely not your way. If everything goes easily, as if hit in the right direction and go with the flow – Yes, that's exactly what is predetermined, the path is correct!

How not to miss the opportunity? Don't reject the offer immediately, which seemed unnecessary. Postponing the answer. To think. To try. To listen to my intuition. To take the risk! Then see how it goes, and make a final decision based on future circumstances.

If there are no coincidences, does this mean that we should accept the fate and not to take any active steps? Of course not!
Life throws us the opportunity and to realize their resources, need to be active.

Man seeks what he already predefined, without knowing it. And there are two ways of resignation and self-achieve the objectives. Another thing is that your destiny can not be found in the pursuit of big money and high status. From the behavior of a person depends largely on his future.

A chance meeting with a former employer, partner or friend. Is it possible to meet them just by chance? When any unexpected meeting must have a talk with this man. Why he's reappeared in your life? Why is he sent?

A chance meeting of a man and a woman. Accidentally caused a feeling. Accidentally conceived life.

Surrender to the will of fate or act?

A famous saying reads: "Character is destiny". Of course, it is hard to contradict a lot of templates, but it's worth a try.
Arbiters, and their human – they might just achieve what they are destined? And those who passively relates to life, missing all their destiny opportunities?

As the man enters with your life? For what fights? What sacrifices? Is this really what people value has a true value? How to understand what the real purpose of man? How to find your sole partner, his life, himself?

Just asking yourself these questions, you can reach very much. Be attentive to yourself and to the people, to the signals that sends the universe. You need to find your way!