The correct question asked to a search engine must consist of at least two keywords, then the search will be much easier to find for you the necessary information. If you want to buy the sofa, then enter the word "sofa" into a search engine will not be enough, it is better to Refine the query, adding the city in which you live. If you want to know the price of the sofa, add to the query the word "price".
You should not type in a search engine query is too long. For example, instead of the phrase "the classification of trees of deciduous breeds in Central Russia," the right to type "hardwoods average band". The request will become more common, but in this case it will get more pages containing the desired information.
For searching the required information using different search engines. Despite the fact that every search engine is built on General principles, algorithms, they all differ. So it may happen, that the page couldn't find Yandex, will give Google.
Do not limit yourself to one page of results. Often, the necessary information can be contained on the second, third and even fifth page.
Use the advanced search has many search engines. The search will weed out unnecessary information and help you find documents of a particular format and in the necessary language. If you, for example, need to find some news, you can use the advanced search refresh date of the document.
Use to find information tips. They work as follows: you start typing a query and in the pop up window, lists appear from which you can choose, to ease the recruitment process the request.