Budgies sleep very often. Night's sleep usually lasts ten hours, the bird may, in addition to sleep several times a day. Daytime sleep usually is not prolonged and lasts 20-30 minutes. Due to this fact in the first place the origin of budgies. In Australia, where this bird came from, parrots saved the day sleeping in the hot sun, they hide in foliage or tree hollows. These instincts persist regardless of the place of residence of the parrot. That is why Pets sleep in the daytime, especially if the cell is exposed to direct rays of the sun.
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Often you can see that budgies sleep on one leg. Amazing there is nothing and worry about absolutely nothing. The birds lead an active lifestyle and move around a lot, so standing on one leg while sleeping, they just give the opportunity to relax the second. Typically, this nuance can be seen in adults.
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The nuance of the dream wavy parrot, which is common for most birds to hide the head under the wing. This is due to the desire to keep warm. However, parrots are sleeping so not always. Many individuals prefer not to hide the beak, and Vice versa, sleeping with the head tilted forward or tilt it at the back. Reasons for concern there is also no. Each bird is sleeping as it is convenient. Each individual budgies have individual habits that are unique to a particular bird.
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Habits, and habits of some budgies are striking in their originality. Birds can sleep, for example, holding one paw in the cage, and the other for the perch, to hide the head not feathers, and a favorite toy. Often you may notice that parrots all the ways we try to hide and choose to do this, the most sophisticated techniques. Birds can even cover some items, or get under the covers if their movement is not limited by the cell.
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If you see that the wavy parrot tries to hide while you sleep, do not rush to conclusions that the bird froze. It is likely that the cat likes to sleep in the shelter, so no one saw him. Watch a parrot some time, and you will be able to understand what behavior for birds is the norm and what nuances should be cause for concern.
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