You will need
  • - Internet;
  • - encyclopedia;
  • - map of the world;
  • - notebook;
  • - handle.
Develop motivation. The most important condition for good study is a person with sufficient motivation (internal motivation to act). Without motivation You will not be able to treat the issue of class seriously and won't give them enough time. Beware of how specific knowledge will help You in self-development, link them to Your practical activities. For example, imagine how nice it would be to relax during conversations with friends, colleagues or bosses, when the question comes about the countries and their capitals, or how You'll stand out from the rest given that away every good with geography questions.
Prepare material. It is best for the necessary geographic information, for example, in Wikipedia — the free encyclopedia. In it You will find quite extensive information on each state. Organize all the material for convenient study.
Learn figuratively. To ensure that the material is well entrenched in memory, it is necessary to establish clear associations and images. It is impossible to teach the capital and the country itself (just the list). Need to know what's behind each name, its geographical location, what is the population there lives, cultural, historical, religious and other features, finding a correlation. This approach to studying will allow you to broaden your horizons and make You a more knowledgeable person. Use the Notepad in the process of learning and record it in thesis form with basic information about a particular state. Later in the treatment to his records, You can easily test yourself and quickly repeat the material studied.
Repeat. To knowledge remained in Your head forever, they need to actively use it. Discuss researched information with friends, join a Hiking club, work with world map travel. Anyway, try to repeat systematically what has been learned.