The most effective way to learn historical dates and events is to write them on the cards. Is quite easy: take the paper, cut it into equal pieces. Then on each card you must write your date, and on the reverse side event on the topic. Memorizing dates and events going on already, even if you are writing all these numbers and suggestions. Here included in the visual memory, which is trains. This is an old technique that was used by your grandmother.
You should put before them all these cards dates up. Taking one, to pronounce aloud the date itself, and then on the reverse side reads event affiliated with the school. The event card is turned up. And so to continue until they up date will not end.
Then do the same thing, only in reverse.
Before going to bed to repeat the same procedure and preferably several times. Then you should go to bed after reading books and not watching TV.
In the morning you need to stand up and, first of all, test your knowledge in the same way.