The purpose of the acquisition

Before you choose a camera determine your needs, what you will use it. For example, if you need one for personal, Amateur shots, you will approach an inexpensive model with a standard set of functions. These cameras are very simple to operate and does not require extensive training to operate. Estimate approximately how often you will use the camera (every day, once a week, once a month, etc.). The more you use it, the more load it will get. You need to decide whether you choose high-quality and reliable device or save, selecting a simple camera, sacrificing its durability.

Calculate how much you are willing to spend. Defining in advance how much money you are willing to pay, you will see which number you can qualify, this will greatly simplify the choice of camera.

Analog or digital

Today the bulk of the market camera is a digital device, this is due to the simplicity and ease of use. However analog cameras are still in demand.

Analog (film) camera. The main advantage of analog cameras is their price. With comparable features and quality of photos, analog devices are not so expensive compared to digital. Even the most simple cameras can produce good quality photos. The disadvantages are the constant expenses for consumables (film).

Digital cameras. The main advantage of these devices is the ability to quickly preview the picture, allowing you to weed out high-quality images and not to spend money on printing them. In addition, there is no need to waste on film to store pictures using the memory card, and the number of photos is limited by its volume. Digital camera is the best choice to use for Amateur purposes. Most popular digital cameras are the devices of the companies Nikon, Canon, Olympus, etc.
If you are stopped for a digital camera, buy her a voluminous memory card. This frees you from having to constantly delete photos to free up memory.

The type of camera

Following that you need to pay attention to this type of device. Select the type of camera quite simple. If you are a fan and use it only for personal purposes, you will approach a simple compact camera. This device doesn't require any pre-configuration. All you need to point the lens at the subject and take the picture. If you are a professional and it's important for you yourself to consider all the factors that affect the quality of shooting, SLR (SLR) camera. Such devices give you full control over the process of photographing, for example, you can change the shutter speed, set aperture, etc.
SLR cameras can be both analog and digital.

Compare specific models

To make a final choice and buy a camera, you need to compare their work. Visit the electronics store, select several devices and take pictures. Look at the simplicity of the device, comfortable for you to use them, compare the resulting images. Make a decision about buying the camera is only after their comparison.

To compare the advantages and disadvantages of specific camera models you can read reviews about them. Visit specialized forums on the Internet and find information about a particular model.