You will need
  • plate;
  • - ladle;
  • - tin;
  • sealant for the manufacture of the mold;
  • cutters;
  • - the file;
  • - soldering iron;
  • - a scalpel;
  • - acrylic paint;
  • brush.
Prepare the mold for casting toy soldiers. Classic is considered to be a collapsible, consisting of two plaster or silicone parts. In the simplest case, the shape can be extruded in the ground, but easier to use special silicone sealant. This matrix can be done a few dozen casts. The advantage of the shape of the sealant is that it allows you to cast opposite corners without damage to the mold. Especially because complex shapes may consist of multiple parts (hands, head, armor, weapons, and so on) can take several forms.
Fabricate a master model. Use epoxy resin or plastic. Provide in the model Gating of channels, run them out of wire and attach to the leg of the figure. If the next sculpture is of a substantial size, first make for her wire frame, it layers apply. Of course, the quality of the miniatures will largely depend on your artistic skills.
In a mold place the master model of the product and pour a liquid sealant for a few hours. The result is a resilient form for multiple use, exactly repeating the shape of the original.
Fill in the matrix pre-melted on the stove, tin and wait until the metal hardens (cure time depends on the size of the sculpture). Then open the form and remove the casting. Foundry work is finished.
Cast figure, handle the pliers, file and a scalpel. If necessary, use a soldering iron. Be gentle and patient, the quality of the work depends on your ability to bring the product to perfect. Pay special attention to small details that should be explored more thoroughly.
After finishing the figures move to the artistic part of the work. Paints shall describe the sculpture, trying to recreate the features of the uniforms of the country and era in which the soldier. It is recommended to use acrylic and tempera paints. Before applying the paint action figure degrease and cover with soil to cover kept stronger. In some cases a careful description of the details requires a few weeks of hard work.