Young people are often watching horror films, as it is for them, the easiest way to get adrenaline rush. Every horror movie scary in its own way, all have their highlights. Some may frighten, cause laughter. Watch them on the Internet in good quality without registration and without sending SMS.

A film about supernatural forces

The horror movie "Apartment 1303" is so believable that literally makes the blood run cold, but it is impossible not to watch until the end. In the family Slatov relationship strained to the limit, when the youngest daughter Janet, whose 24 years, leaves home after a row with a constantly drunk mother. Despite the entreaties of his elder sister, signed papers with the owner of the rented apartment without seeing it beforehand. She is delighted with the apartments which I saw, crossing the threshold. And considers this the luck that for a small price have received such a gift. But she soon learns of the sad fate of a girl who lives up to her who threw herself from the balcony. Janet is troubling, but she doesn't want to leave the ill-fated apartment. What happened next to occur, would cause any to flee without looking back. A girl asks her sister and her boyfriend for help, but no help. Otherworldly forces plaguing her, bringing death.
This movie was released in 2012, the United States and Canada.

The film is about the shocking cruelty of people

One of the most shocking films - the film "Eden lake." This story is about unheard of cruelty, which is capable of seemingly ordinary Teens. A young couple, Steve and Jenny decided to spend a weekend in the lap of nature and go to the "Heavenly lake". They have a great time in the fresh air and tranquility, until you get a group of teenagers with a dog. They behave aggressively. Soon Steve can't find his bag with the car keys. Teens steal a car to have fun. Angry Steve is trying to put pressure on the leader of the adolescent Delusions, but in the fight accidentally kills his dog. Since then, the children become bloodthirsty killers, not pitying even anyone from his company. The final wild, shocking.
This movie was released in 2008. Its manufacturer is United Kingdom.

This, of course, not all the most terrible horror movies. But they should see fans of this genre of cinematography. Watching horror movies, and they will keep you in suspense until the end of the viewing.