The horror movie "Dagon" (2001)

One of the scariest movies of the 21st century can be called "Dagon" is an adaptation of the works of Howard Phillips Lovecraft. In the film, the main characters Paul and Barbara in a heavy storm stranded a small village.

Residents of this area was frighteningly strange and unpleasant people. After some time, the heroine Barbara disappears and Paul in the process of searching reveals the terrible secrets of the village.

The movie "Dark water" (2001)

The heroine of the film Esimi after the divorce, moved with her daughter to a new apartment. A strange feature of the house is dark water dripping from the ceiling and the mysterious red bag, first belonged to the missing little girl.
The movie "Dark water" directed cult horror film "the ring" Hideo Nakata.

On the background of the proceedings for custody of daughter with ex-husband Esimi happen mystical events in which a mysterious way involved the disappearance of a young girl.

The film "6 demons of Emily rose" (2005)

The film's protagonist, a priest, is accused of murdering a young girl. The death occurred at the time of the rite of exorcism – procedures for the expulsion of the devil.
The horror film "6 demons of Emily rose" is based on real events.

To absolve themselves of the charges, the priest collects information about paranormal phenomena, is able to exert a terrifying influence on human behavior.

The film "Paranormal activity" (2007)

The couple moves into a new home. Lovely family idyll interfere with the frightening events in that house. For unexplained reasons in the house to change their position things, heard strange sounds and footsteps.

To find out why there are these strange things, the young people set around the house surveillance cameras. The latter detects that the event occurs at night, and every day they become more and more appalling.

The film "the Story" (2007)

In search of an interesting story, the reporter ángela Vidal and the crew is in a residential home. Too late comes the realization that all the inhabitants of this house are infected with a terrible virus that turned them into zombies.

The whole band is locked in this terrible housing. In parallel, trying to survive in these dangerous conditions, the group of Angela takes a story.

The film "1408" (2007)

A skeptic by his position in life, writer Mike Enslin is working on a book about paranormal phenomena occurring in hotels.

To do this, he rents a room no 1408 in the hotel Dolphin is notorious that all the people in this room ended his life by suicide. Mike had no idea the consequences of this seemingly innocuous experiment.

The film Martyrs (2008)

Missing a year ago, a little girl Lucy discover on a country road. Her whole body is disfigured, but without a trace of sexual violence, and she does not remember anything of what happened to her.

The main goal of grown-up Lucy was the search for her tormentors. Subsequent events reveal the secret of this terrible history.

The film "Triangle" (2009)

Carefree leisure of a young woman Jess with her friends on a yacht ends with the destruction of the ship during the outbreak of the storm. In order to be saved, the company goes on a huge passenger liner, which was not far from them.

In addition on Board there is no passenger, the time on the clock it stopped. But the horror that the ship has a secret observer, who will decide who will survive.

Of course, it is difficult to determine which of these horror movies of the 21st century the worst. They are all different in their own way interesting and frightening. Exciting you of viewing!