The easiest way, when, feeling the negative attitude, you can exclude contacts with such people. But, unfortunately, not always such a possibility. In the case where these detractors get to work with you in one team, the best thing to put them on notice that for you it is not a secret. Better to do it at all, and in a jokey tone. This will knock the cards out of the hands of enemies, because now their machinations have a justified reason, which became clear to all.
Be calm and give them time to "recover" their anger and hatred. Sometimes it's a character trait and they just need to experience such feelings for someone. Not seeing you frightened the victim, they may lose interest in you and spread to someone else.
Do not react painfully to the attacks of detractors, don't show you it hurts or is unpleasant. Nothing on people like your confidence and strength. Use your sense of humor, make the enemy the subject of ridicule, so he just began to fear you. Find a weak spot and make it the target of his "harmless" banter – you will begin to ignore.
Sometimes the hostility is caused by complexes and insecurities. Try to act "on the contrary" and, feeling the hostility of colleagues, by contrast, start to treat him emphatically polite, respectful and friendly. Such people can be very vulnerable and internally and your indifference to interpret as neglect. If they see that you treat them well, and their hatred will pass.
Try not to give a reason and not become a target for unfriendly attitude. Do not engage in intrigues, do not enter into any group and not to spread gossip. Honestly and efficiently do your job, not shifting it on the shoulders of others. Be polite to everybody, behave exactly friendly towards all. The sensible and sane people are just there is no reason to feel you anger and other negative emotions.