Fried bread with salt

One of the easiest choices suitable for a light snack - toast of black bread with salt. This simple appetizer can be served with beer or cocktails, the tastiest part is the toast is hot.
For cooking toast you can use unrefined oil - then the finished product will have a rich aroma of toasted sunflower seeds.

You will need:
- molasses bread;
- sea salt;
- sunflower oil for frying.

Borodinsky bread cut into thin slices, then divide each into strips. In a pan heat the vegetable oil, put into it the bread strips. Fry the bread on one side, then flip. The degree of cooking depends on your taste - French toast can be done the hard and crisp or leave them soft on the inside, with a crispy crust.

Croutons are ready, remove from the pan and place on a plate lined with a paper towel - it will absorb excess oil. While the product is still warm, sprinkle them with sea salt and serve.

Sweet croutons

These croutons can be served for Breakfast - they are perfectly combined with freshly brewed tea or coffee with milk.

You will need:
- white baguette;
- butter;
- powdered sugar.

Slice some baguette diagonally into thin slices. Grease them with butter on both sides and place on hot pan. Cook the toast until Golden brown. Hot bread, sprinkle with icing sugar and serve. To the dish, you can add jam, jam or fresh fruit.
Taste croutons can be made more savory by mixing powdered sugar with ground cinnamon.

Toast with mozzarella and tomatoesChoose very ripe tomatoes with a sweet flavor - they contrast well with the fresh mozzarella and garlic bread.

Peel the garlic clove and cut it in half. Grate the halves of the slices of bread on both sides. Then thinly spread the bread with butter and place on preheated pan. Fry toast until Golden brown, making sure they don't burn.

Mozzarella and tomatoes cut into flat circles. On toasted bread place a circle of mozzarella and cover it with tomato sauce. Lightly sprinkle tomatoes with salt and abundant freshly ground black pepper. Serve the toast immediately, placing them on a heated plate.