It is better to choose a special bread for toast. It needs to be fresh. You can do regular white bread. It all depends on your preferences.
Cut the bread slices thick 1 cm to pieces of bread is smooth, use a well sharpened knife.
Decide on the method of preparation of the toast. The easiest way – roasting of slices of bread in the toaster. Put the slices in a special compartment of the toaster, set the desired degree of roast and lower the lever which is usually on the side of the toaster. Sometimes on a toaster indicate the number of minutes that will be fried toast. After several experiments you will understand which mode works best for you.
The bread can be browned using the grill in the microwave or in the oven). For this you need to set the mode "grill" and cook the bread until the occurrence of a Golden-brown crust. Don't forget to flip the toast and fry the opposite direction. The degree of roast of the toast depends on your preference.
Another way of making toast, more calories is roasting them in a pan with heated butter. Fry the slices of bread on both sides, keeping them on each side to your liking.
Toppings for toast prepare in advance. Toast goes very well with butter, cheese, ham. Those with a sweet tooth we can recommend a toast with marmalade or jam. Also as a filling you can prepare cottage cheese. To do this, pass the ricotta through a meat grinder several times, or grind in a blender to a puree. Mix cottage cheese with a small amount of powdered sugar, place on toast and garnish with slices of fresh fruit or berries. Especially tasty are cheese toast with strawberries.