Give flowers with the puzzle game "hidden treasure". She is following the path, which is given by the special notes with tasks, and eventually leads to the secret.
Original plan route. There should be no more than four or five paragraphs, otherwise a fun game turn into a tedious task. For example: bathroom mirror, pillow on bed, refrigerator, hallway and the window sill where you put flowers.
Prepare notes with tasks. Use the note paper with adhesive strip. If not, cut small squares out of the ordinary landscape of the worksheet or make curly patterns in the form of hearts, silhouettes of animals, etc. Write the task on a specially prepared leaflets.
Start with a mirror in the bathroom. Attach to it a note that says along the lines of: "Guess my riddle, Under the pillow sleep sweet, Stop by there soon, You'll know what's under it".
Under the pillow on the bed, place the next job, pointing to the refrigerator: "you Got in the white house, Even in summer cold in it." In a conspicuous place in the fridge put a note leading into the hallway: "All those in my house will come, And all those who leave, It is his hand always delivers".
On the front door attach the last problem: "I light not the candle itself, But it is worth me behind the curtain to escape, And in a moment All one the room will go dark". This note should lead to the window where behind the curtain is a bouquet of flowers.
Flowers adorn the front door of the apartment or the porch of the house where your girl is. You can attach them with wide tape to the wall around the perimeter of the jamb, or you can order ready-made a flower garland in the cabin. If you have a date on the street, gave the flowers on the hood of the car.