Of course, that the superstition about wedding shoes, like many others, has very ancient roots. In the old days people genuinely believed in all superstitions. In order not to incur the trouble, it was necessary to clearly follow the tradition, what to do, how to do, when to do, etc. has been Paid attention not only to the proper conduct of the wedding, but also the outfits of the bride and groom. It was the girls Shoe. Though it is not visible under the dress, but she must be special. It was considered that you cannot get married in sandals - only shoes.

This had several explanations:

1. Feet are considered the most vulnerable point. If they are open and they are seen by others, you can easily jinx the man. If the bride was in sandals, the enemies could wish the newlyweds all the very worst. In this case, a couple waiting for a troubled marriage that long is not, and the family will disintegrate;

2. If in a wedding the bride's shoes there are open spaces - toe or heel, then it's bad for family life. It was believed that happiness, money and love will go from the young, and the house will be filled with many troubles, quarrels and family problems.

3. Sandals suggest the presence of fasteners and a plurality of jumpers. It was believed that this can cause difficulties during childbirth. Therefore, the shoes should be in the form of shoes to the birth of a child passed as easily as possible.

If you believe that there may be trouble, they will come into your life. If you put aside all superstition and think only about the harmonious appearance and comfort during the wedding, nothing bad will happen, even if the quality of the shoes the bride will choose sandals. Getting married in 30 degree heat, wearing shoes will be impossible to go through the whole day. We make happiness, and no matter what shoes we wear.