What's so special about leap year?

Leap year differs from the usual only in that it lasts for 365 and 366 days, due to the fact that the calendar appears, the date as 29 February. That day came thanks to Julius Caesar, who decided that every four years you add an extra day, which was invested in those lost hours, namely for a year 5 hours 48 minutes and 46 seconds. These hours are added to February as in Ancient Rome, February was the last month of the year.

Since ancient times it was believed that in a leap year girl can propose to any guy, and her partner has no right to refuse. In Ireland to this day there is this custom. The trouble is that the next year is considered a year of widows, which, in turn, were followed by year er. Historians claim that these beliefs are associated with times of wars which for a long time fixed in the minds of people.

Why should not be getting married in a leap year?

For this reason there are a few signs. A leap year is called the year Kasian. The way Kasian associated with everything demonic in appearance and behavior. For his evil acts he is liable to three years in a row, the angel hits him with a hammer on the forehead, and in the fourth year he's resting. This year is considered a leap year, and Kassian could again do his evil deeds. Including destroy the new family.

Therefore, the belief in a leap year nothing can be changed, including family status. It promises a lot of trouble. It is believed that in a leap year there are more deaths. The marriage in such a "bad" year will not be successful. There is also a sign that the couple whose marriage was contracted in a leap year, change each other.
Another sign against marriage in a leap year States that one of the spouses necessarily widowed.

From the point of view of astrology, every four years, the position of the Earth relative to other planets and celestial bodies. causing disturbed homeostatic field of the Earth, adversely affecting susceptible people, disrupting brain activity, making them more aggressive.
The consequence of such changes will be endless quarrels between the spouses.

If you are still married in a leap year, and it didn't happen, know that to get divorced in this year's impossible - there will be happiness in personal life. Therefore it is necessary to suffer an unloved man until next year, possibly with the end of the year everything will work out.

And still, the decision to marry in a leap year or not belongs only to you. So, before you make a serious decision, first weigh the pros and cons.