All lettuces can be planted in the first culture, as it is very cold-hardy and can withstand frosts down to -5 degrees, so planting can begin immediately as soon as will thaw the ground in the garden. For fast retrieval of the first greens you can plant the plant seedlings or grow it in a greenhouse.

Features planting watercress

This is the most precocious species, it can be eaten already in 15-17 days after planting. Make a low bed, add fertilizer: wood ash, nitrophosphate. Carefully smooth the surface and liberally pour. Make even rows at a distance of 12-15 cm from each other and a depth of approximately 1 cm Sow the seeds of cress, sprinkle with the ground. Early planting bed can be covered with a covering material, for example, lutrasilom — this will help the emergence of amicable shoots.
It is best to grow all kinds of salad on sites where the previous year had grown crops such as potatoes and cabbage, that is, after cultures, which contributed organic fertilizers.

The seedlings will Paradice. Between plants should be a distance of 4-5 cm in a week after planting, feed with urea (1 teaspoon per 10 liters of water) or complex fertilizer. After 2 weeks of cress, ready to use, in its place you can plant other types of lettuce.

Especially planting lettuce

The garden bed for lettuce preparing as well as for planting watercress. It is also possible in the fall to make rotted manure or compost and dig the bed. Lettuce can be sown under winter and early spring. Thin leaf lettuce is not necessary, pull the bushes fully the growth.
When growing iceberg lettuce should be thinned, otherwise the heads will not spin and will grow to a normal lettuce.

Features of the planting of arugula

Arugula salad with a spicy taste in the food consumed only young leaves, as old - quite bitter. This feature should be considered when planting this salad. Sowing should be done every 1-2 weeks in small portions, then at your table there will always be young fragrant leaves of arugula with a walnut-mustard taste.

Seeds of arugula zaglubljaja in the soil to 1.5 cm, they will begin to germinate on the third day and quickly touched in growth. The optimum temperature for its cultivation is 20-25 degrees, so this salad sow in late may-early June.