What sheets can be used for dolma

Young vine leaves are used in culinary delights of many Nations due to its unusual taste, which is most fully disclosed in conjunction with fatty lamb and smoked. In addition, during heat treatment, they are like a sponge, absorb the aromas and flavours of other ingredients, so they are often used for stuffing. Raw grape leaves are only added to pickles as an independent green they don't even use in salads.

For dolma is also used by the young grape leaves, which usually have a light green color. Some sources claim that it is necessary to use for this dish only leaves the bright, white grapes, but really no taste difference and you will not feel, and hardness they are also a little different. Most importantly, the leaves were still young, then they will be soft.
Because the grapes throughout the summer can throw out new branches with leaves, dolma with fresh leaves can be done throughout the summer.

How to prepare fresh leaves for dolma

If you use just fresh, freshly plucked vine leaves, their method of preparation will depend on the condition of the leaves. If they are collected during flowering, it will be enough to put them in a deep bowl and pour boiling water for 5-7 minutes. After that, drain the water, pour the leaves with salt and fill them again, but cold water for an hour. If the leaves collected later, they will be tougher, therefore you need a day to soak in cold water.
In half-liter glass jar will fit about 50 leaves, respectively, in an one-liter jar will preserve them in quantity of 100 pieces.

How to prepare grape leaves for dolma in the winter

If you want to keep grape leaves, they can be canned for future use to cook dolma and winter. Rinse the leaves in cold water, the stalks can be cut. Take a big pot, pour water and put on fire, when the water boils, add salt to taste and then throw some salt, a bit salty.

In boiling water put the grape leaves in boiling time their color should change from green to dark olive. Once that happens, remove the leaves from the pan, allow to cool slightly, then fold in stacks of 10 pieces, and roll rolls and place in glass jars. Pour the brine leaves are left in the pan, and close the jars for canning.