You will need
  • - wooden bars;
  • - rolls;
  • - fasteners (bolts and nuts);
  • - bearings;
  • - metal rod;
  • - tools for working metal and wood.
For grinding fruits, grapes at home craft roller crusher. It consists of a wooden frame, the same wood the boot of the bucket, two wooden rollers, mounted in bearings on the frame and arm for the rotation.
To prepare a frame of wood with a length of 600-700 mm, a cross section of 100х40 mm. frame Width will be determined by the length of the rollers. The optimal size is about 150-200 mm. the Distance between the cross bars make is equal to the sum of the lengths of the rolls, adding another 100 mm.
Make corrugated press rolls. The depth of the reef must be at least 20-30 mm. Reefs do helically directed relative to the axes of the rolls, ensuring the shift to within 20 mm for every 100 mm of roll.
Fasten the rolls in the main frame on the bearings. The rotation of the rolls will be carried out on the axes at different speeds. This rotation is transmitted from one roll to another through gears of different diameters. The difference between the gears should provide a gear ratio of 1:2. If the diameter of the gears is equal, make rolls of different diameters to provide different speed circular rotation.
Windrow strengthen wooden reception ladle pyramid shape, used for loading of raw materials. Set the bucket on the transverse rails of the frame of the press by establishing a minimum clearance between the bucket and rolls. The rotation of rolls, grinding of raw materials is carried out manually via a handle attached to one of the rolls.
At the bottom of the press, under the rollers, set the vessel for receptions pressed raw material (pulp). The gap between the rolls make manageable and install it depending on the value of the grapes. The average gap should be 3-5 mm.
For the processing of grapes to such a device, load the raw material into the receiving ladle, where it will arrive on the rolls. Rotating the rolls, you izmelchitel raw materials in mashed mass, and simultaneously extracted from the juice. The skins of the berries are not removed, because it contains tannins give the juice of fruits peculiar smell.