It is believed that the tendency to the formation of lipomas is genetic predisposition, and therefore inherited. Often provoke the appearance of fatty lipoma can trauma. At the same time, the theory that eating certain foods causes the formation of lipomas is simply a fiction, with no proof. Moreover, the white bumps do not develop into liposarcoma – malignant tumors.

In most cases, formed on the leg Wen only spoils the appearance. Though occasionally occur and more serious problem: this happens when a lipoma formed near the nerve (pressure on a nerve, it causes severe pain), or close to the joint (limited movement).

The presence of small bumps, tend to ignore. If the lipoma becomes painful or too sensitive, dramatically increases in size, interferes with the functioning of certain organs or systems, it is removed.

Ways to remove Wen

In medical institutions, before attempting to remove the lump, conducted a survey of lipoma with ultrasound and the results choose the best method of getting rid of education. If the Wen is large (its diameter more than 3 cm), it is removed surgically. Usually this procedure is performed outpatient under local anesthesia with laser fat removed capsule. In rare cases, when the lipoma is deep or in an awkward area, the operation of getting rid of the education is performed under General anesthesia.
In any case, in the home can puncture Wen: the risk of infection.

If the lipoma is small in size in order to get rid of it, can be applied liposuction. The disadvantage of this method is that it is not possible to completely remove a fatty lipoma, so a lipoma could again appear in all its glory. Also when dealing with small entities in the talc can enter resolving the cure.

Folk remedy for Wens

To get rid of the lump will help the ointment, for preparation of which will need 1 tbsp melted internal lard, and 2 crushed cloves of garlic. Components are mixed, the resulting mixture is heated for 8-10 minutes on low heat, and then cooled. The ointment is applied on the Wen, cover with a sheet on top of fresh cabbage and wrap a scarf. This procedure is recommended to do at night. To repeat, it should be as long as the lump is completely gone.
And Wen is recommended to lubricate the juice of celandine, and when to show up, "hole", applied to the "capsule" of the aloe leaf.

Effective in the suppression of the lipoma and nettle. Take the whole plant, i.e. root. Carefully wash the nettle, dried and pulverized, and then placed in half-liter jar, pour well and pour vodka. Capacity with the therapeutic mixture is left for 20-22 days in a cool dark place. Of finished tincture make compresses. The procedure is recommended to perform on the night.