Advice 1: Where is the Elbrus

Elbrus – the highest point not only of the Caucasus mountains, but also throughout Europe. Double-headed snow-capped mountain rises approximately in the center of the greater Caucasus mountain range at the borders of the republics of Kabardino-Balkaria and Karachay-Cherkessia in southern Russia.
Where is the Elbrus

Mount Elbrus

Elbrus is a large stratovolcano composed of layers of lava and volcanic ash. It has a conical shape with two peaks, located approximately at the same height. West summit of Elbrus stands at 5642 metres above sea level, the Eastern slightly lower at 5621 meters. Vertices separated by a gentle saddle height of about 5300 meters above sea level and is located three kilometers from each other.
Elbrus is considered to be an extinct volcano but the last eruption occurred not so long ago from a geological point of view – in the beginning of our era, about the first or second century.

There are several versions about the origin of the name of the mountain. One of them, "El" means "high mountain" or "shining mountain" in the Iranian language. Karachays and Balkars, which has long been resident in the territory of Caucasus, near Elbrus volcano, this is called Mingi-Tau, which translates as "eternal mountain".

Geographical location of mount Elbrus

Caucasus mountains are divided into two parts: major and minor Caucasus. The greater Caucasus mountain range passes on the border of Russia with other southern countries (Georgia, Azerbaijan) from the Black sea to the Caspian sea. The territory of the Big Caucasus on the Russian side is divided into several republics and provinces: Adygea, Karachay-Cherkessia, Kabardino-Balkaria, Dagestan, North Ossetia. Elbrus is on the border of Kabardino-Balkar and Karachay-Circassian republics.
A few kilometers South of the foot of the volcano the border of Russia with Georgia.

The mountain is located in the Northern part of the ridge at a distance from the other vertices, so it is perfectly visible from all sides of the Caucasus – the two-headed cone is visible even a hundred kilometers. Elbrus is the border between the Central and Western Caucasus. The Western part of the mountain system runs from El'brus to the black sea coast, Central lies between that peak and MT.

The volcano is surrounded by several gorges Adylsu, Adyrsu, Shkhelda glacier massifs and mountains. The area at the foot of mount Elbrus in the upper reaches of the Baksan river, which is part of the Terek basin, called the Elbrus region. This is a resort area and a preserved area with a unique natural beauty, sources of curative mineral waters and excellent opportunities for skiing and Hiking holidays.

The border between Europe and Asia is not precisely defined, and if you count the border of the Caucasus range, Elbrus is the highest point of Europe. Otherwise, this title belongs to Mont Blanc in the Alps.

Advice 2 : Where is mount Elbrus

Elbrus – one of the highest mountains in the world, is located in the Northern part of the mountain system of the greater Caucasus, on the territory of Kabardino-Balkaria. It is the highest peak in Russia, often referred to the highest mountain tops of Europe (the so-called list of the "Seven summits").
Where is mount Elbrus

The Location Of Mount Elbrus

Mount Elbrus is situated between the republics of Karachay-Cherkessia and Kabardino-Balkaria. The top of the mountain the double, West has a height of 5642m and East 5621м.

Elbrus – extinct volcano. The mountain has two peaks, one of which is a little higher. Scientists believe that in the history of the mountain there were two significant eruptions, as the rocks of mount Elbrus, according to studies, about 2 or 3 million years. Analysis of volcanic ash showed that the first eruption happened about 45 thousand years ago and the second about 40 thousand years ago.

Despite the fact that the mountain is very high, to ascend to her relatively easy, it does not require exceptional skill, such as for Everest, and make it tries quite a lot of people. Up to 4 thousand meters of the mountain slopes are moderately shallow, but then begins a serious ascent. The steepness of the slopes can reach 35 degrees! Climbing occur on the East and West peaks.

How is climbing

Usually begin the climb from the village of Azau, which is at the top of Baksansky valley. Here tourists spend about a couple of nights to acclimate to the altitude and not suffer from "gornyashki" - altitude sickness associated with the rarefied air and the unusual atmospheric pressure.

On the first day people usually go to the Pastukhov rocks, and the second designate the climbing itself. Go out of the camp around 2am. First go to the Pastukhov rocks and then reach the saddle of the mountain, where trails are divided into Eastern and Western peaks. A little rest in the saddle – and the tourists go on to climb one of the peaks of Elbrus.

The History Of Elbrus

The stunning beauty of the mountain scenery and the mountain since ancient times, it was the reason that Elbrus was attended by people from all over the world. The history of climbers of Elbrus is proud of the worthy names of climbers since the nineteenth century. Among them are domestic tourists and foreign.

The peak of popularity of Elbrus occurred in 60-e years when climbing was especially popular in the USSR. In Beksinska gorge was even asphalt road and in the vicinity of the mountain built several Alpine and tourist centers.

Today this place is popular also as a ski resort. People make descents from the slopes of Elbrus and Cheget mountain is nearby, it also refers to the system of the greater Caucasus.

On the territory of the Elbrus a national Park, created to preserve nature in Kabardino-Balkaria. In the Park all the conditions are created to enable people organized and to relax in comfort.
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