One of the most popular coffee recipes today is cappuccino-espresso with soft milk foam. It is easily prepared with the help of a milk Frother, which is a nozzle attached to the coffee machine or the coffee maker. After you enable the "cooking couple" coffee machine whips milk into foam by using special nozzles called "panarello". After that, the appliance brews coffee and connects it with whipped milk cream.

The cappuccino machine needed to machine could whisk the milk froth in coffee without a cappuccino this is not possible.

There are automatic and mechanical cappucinator – autocappuccino and panarello. The difference between them is that autocappuccino adjusts the clearance in the hole, leaking milk, and it has a pipe that descends into the vessel of milk. Fast-moving steam creates pressure differences in pulverizatorah cameras and retractable in a cappuccino the milk is mixed with steam. Mechanical a cappuccino steaming milk in a separate container, then moves the resulting foam into the Cup.

The machine

Modern coffee machines are more complex devices than cappucinator because they have a set of additional important functions. In automatic devices have built zhernovaya grinder, which allows you to get the correct grind of the beans – it needs to be a bit rough. This allows to preserve the taste and aroma inherent natural coffee bean.

Coffee, cappuccino and lattes are prepared in the coffee machine automatically and with minimum effort and time.

The machine is equipped with a display informing about the existing modes and programs that govern the enabling and disabling of the device at a specified time. The big advantage of the machine is an automatic rinsing and cleaning water often stagnates in the supply pipes of the device. In addition, the coffee machine alone reminds you to clean their systems – enough to put it in a special detergent, and the device automatically runs a cleanup program. Descale the coffee machine is performed timely replacement of the tablet and the replacement filters, not giving chlorine and heavy metals to enter the unit.

Thus, a cappuccino is more than a simple analogue machine, which, however, cannot fully replace this convenient and necessary tool.