You will need
  • - the beater to foam;
  • a coffee with a nozzle for cappuccino steam generator;
  • - metal bowl and mixer or electric whisk for cappuccino;
  • - milk or cream.
Pour into the device for whipping foam cold milk, close the lid, in which is mounted a whisk, turn on the device. The milk inside is heated and simultaneously pulled apart a minute later, the foam is formed. The device is adjusted so as not to overheat the milk (boil milk, no foam), and automatically shut down at a certain temperature. It is therefore important to pour cold milk.
Use the special attachment to coffee machine for the formation of foam. Pour into a glass of cold milk to half, tilt it at an angle of fifteen to twenty-five degrees and bring to the nozzle, turn the steam function, wait a few seconds to from the nozzle flew the drops of water, then immerse it in milk.
Ensure that the nozzle is not submerged too deep, keep it closer to the top of the liquid. After use clean the nozzle: turn on and immerse for a few seconds in the water (and therefore washed out the milk trapped inside while beating).
Use for the preparation of foam without any special devices not milk, and cream, as they are much denser and easier whipped.
Pour into a metal Cup cold cream (half of it), put on the stove, heat on low heat for about ten to fifteen seconds, immerse in liquid to whisk cappuccino or use a mixer with a nozzle-whisk. Do not allow the cream to be too hot. Remove the mug from the heat and with a spoon put the formed foam into the Cup.
Prepare a Cup of cappuccino in advance: boil and pour into cups a third of the volume of espresso, add a third of hot milk, cook also ground cinnamon, grated chocolate, vanilla sugar. All of this should be prepared when you proceed to the production of foam.