You will need
  • In order to make the night truly memorable, you need items that give the interior a little romance: candles, beautiful glasses, love lyrical music. In addition, don't forget a light dinner.
Prepare your home for the arrival of a loved one. Create a romantic setting, shut the curtains, dim the lights, light the candles and turn on beautiful music.
Cover on the table. Try to make it look beautiful. This will help the white tablecloths and glasses and dishes, bought especially for this event. Better if dinner is going to be easy, or after a heavy meal your sweetheart will draw not romance, and dream.
After the table will be ready, take care of yourself. Forget about stretched t-shirts and bathrobes. Wear beautiful lingerie and dress, make a stunning makeover.
Put in a bowl of a loved one a note that contains a confession of love.
Make this evening unforgettable, talk about simple and easy things. Don't ask a man about business or work, don't bring up past grievances, this will force it to strain.
Do not turn on the TV, he will take all the attention of your partner.
Don't forget to give a toast that will explain your intentions, and tell your man how you appreciate them.
The most logical end to a romantic evening is unforgettable night. Do not rush to their beloved once. A little play with it. Give him a massage, or throw together an impromptu Striptease.