Create the right setup. The first step is to minimize the impact of distractions. For some it's a working TV or loud talking around, someone can not refuse to communicate in social networks, and someone important order in the workplace and a comfortable chair. Seeing that distracted the most, it will be much easier to create a comfortable environment: turn off the TV, disable Internet access, remove excess from the table or get comfortable.
Watch out for health. It is impossible to work at full strength, feeling not very good. Even a minor headache leads to a decrease in the level of concentration and efficiency. The ability to focus is deteriorating and due to chronic lack of sleep. After all, during sleep restores the brain cells necessary for concentration. To avoid psychological decline, try to sleep at least 7-8 hours a day.
While reading continuous text, the attention dissipates, it becomes hard to learn to read. In this case, it is possible to make graphs, charts, mind maps or thesis plans. The brain, busy processing the received information, it is much harder to be distracted by extraneous items.
Not always job a pleasure. Therefore, it is tempting to push unpleasant or tedious job into a long box. The ability to focus attention is closely linked with self-discipline and ability to achieve goals. At the end of each work day make a to-do list for tomorrow and try to observe it. Perseverance in this endeavor will lead to the fact that you are able to regulate their attention and direct it to a particular object.
Prolonged concentration of attention leads to rapid fatigue. This happens due to overworking certain areas of the brain. Therefore, in order to maintain good health during the working day, be sure breaks. Take the example of the school timetable. Organize hourly "change" for 10-15 minutes. It is important not to sit in the same place, communicating with colleagues or playing a computer game. Rather walk, knead the muscles, massage the neck or make gymnastics for eyes.