Advice 1: How to return 13% with the purchase of the machine

According to the Tax code of the Russian Federation, the taxpayer is entitled to a property tax deduction from the sum he had spent on buying homes, apartments, training, treatment and other vital needs. The list of objects, which is 13% return given in article 220 of the tax code, and comprehensive.
How to return 13% with the purchase of the machine
You will need
  • - certificate of income on form 2-NDFL from work (per year);
  • - passport with a copy;
  • - a copy of the contract of purchase and sale;
  • - documents that confirm the possession of the property;
  • - documents produced before the cost of buying a car;
  • - Declaration on form 3-pit.
Sorry, I hasten to disappoint car owners: tax deduction for car purchase, as he is set to purchase an apartment or education, is not provided. This is due to the fact that the car is a vital object, and considered a luxury item. So the return is 13% of the purchase amount is not allowed here.
But despite this, when selling a car the owner can not pay the tax if the car was in his possession more than 3 years. In this case, the income tax when selling a property is not paid. In addition, sellers of property that belonged to them for at least three years, from January 2010 are exempted from filing personal income tax.
If the property (in this case a car) you served less than 3 years, the amount received from the sale may be reduced by the amount of the tax deduction (250 thousand rubles, up to 01.01.2009 125 thousand rubles), and from the balance to pay personal income tax - 13%. There are often sellers of the cars simply reduce the amount of the sale.
Another option to reduce taxation is to reduce the income received from the sale of cars due to the cost of its acquisition. It is necessary to have on hands the documents confirming your previous purchase. In this case, from the amount of income deducted expenditure, and from the result the tax is paid at the rate of 13%.
When several types of property in one calendar year the amount of the property deduction can't be greater than 250 thousand rubles. After the sale of the property, which the owner disposed of less than 3 years, he must submit to the tax Inspectorate a Declaration. You need to show it to the tax authority no later than 30 April of the following year (after the conclusion of the purchase deal).
The basis for tax deduction is the Tax Code of the Russian Federation and the Federal Law "On introducing amendments to part 2 of the Tax Code of the Russian Federation".

Advice 2: How to pay for the purchase of an apartment

How to transfer money for the purchased apartment - that's one of the main questions that interests many buyers. After all, you need to pay so as not to be left with nothing and could not help not to cheat the seller. Moreover, payment methods are several.
How to pay for the purchase of an apartment
If you want reliability, then you need to pay through the Bank. To do this, create a special account that will be able to put the equivalent of that which needs to be paid for the property. After the transaction is completed, you simply transfer the full amount to the account of the person from whom you made the purchase. Or is there another option that you will first send the money then sign the contract of purchase and sale. This method will allow you to avoid unnecessary trouble with money, suffering with how to protect them, and other troubles.
If you pay you can use the following method. Open a Bank account, get a credit card. On this account, place the required amount. After the transaction on purchase of the apartment you just give the card to the seller, informing all the necessary information (PIN, account number, etc.). Then he will remove it all due to him cash.
To pay for the purchase of an apartment is possible and usual way - in cash. Disadvantages of such a system of calculation with the seller very much. First, you are risking the safety of cash. After all to carry the same amount of money quite risky. Secondly, if you are not sure of the honesty of the seller, then the calculation of cash can easily lose a few thousand, as the unclean hands will easily be able to discreetly hide it. Therefore, with this method of payment it is necessary to be very careful.
One of the most popular ways is to open a Bank account. The principle payment is the same as you can pay via credit card. That is, you have to put in the cell the money, and then during the transaction to give the seller the necessary information.
Useful advice
You can do all the paperwork necessary to work with the Bank and through the intermediary. For example, a realtor. For this you only need to write a power of attorney on the person who will deal with your financial issues. And, of course, do not forget that such services will cost you extra money.

Advice 3: How to return income tax when buying a car

When buying a car, unlike the housing tax deduction to impossible. The current legislation does not provide this opportunity. Another thing is that when you buy a car can you take care of getting rid of the need to pay tax in case of its subsequent sale. The procedure for obtaining a tax deduction when selling a vehicle the same as any other tax deduction.
How to return income tax when buying a car
You will need
  • - confirmation of the acquisition of the machine;
  • - certificate of state registration of the vehicle;
  • - tax Declaration under the form 3 personal income tax (not in all cases);
  • - confirmation of all income received for the year in which you sold the car, and paying personal income tax;
  • - the statement on granting of a tax deduction (not in all cases).
When buying a car, retain the document proving how much you cost. Depending on the situation, it is the invoice and receipt from the dealership, the contract of sale, Bank documents confirming the transfer of money (will not be superfluous to specify in the payment that the payment for the purchased machine), receipt of a buyer or other evidence. The import of foreign cars bought abroad, keep a certified translation of all papers confirming the transaction and the cost of the car and customs papers confirming the payment of import duties on foreign cars.
Keep your existing documents, confirming the cost of the car for three years. They will come in handy if you decide to sell the car before the expiry of that period, provided that for it you will receive an amount less than was spent during the purchase. But in practice most often the case. Exception - foreign cars, especially purchased overseas for resale in Russia.
When these conditions are met after the vehicle complete the tax return. The deadline for filing is April 30 of the year following that in which the transaction took place. Optimally reflect the transaction, indicating who sold the car (need to enter in the Declaration the name of the buyer - the physical person or name of legal entity). However, income enter as zero. To the Declaration and attach copies of the documents confirming your expenses and sales. Because they indicate the incurred loss tax you should not pay.
If the documents have not survived, but the car did you have the ownership of less than three years, all is not lost. You have the right not to pay tax on the portion of the proceeds from the sale of up to 125 thousand rubles. inclusive. In other words, if the car sold for that amount or less, tax free. But submit a Declaration and a statement on the granting of deduction have.
If you sold the car, which is owned less than three years, more than bought the right to tax deduction of up to 125 thousand rubles applies to such transaction. For this purpose also it is necessary to submit to tax inspection the Declaration 3-NDFL and an application for granting a property tax deduction.
If the car did you have in the property for three years or longer, don't try anything. Tax deduction you are entitled to automatically. However, keep certificate of vehicle registration and documents confirming the date of its sale within three years after the calendar year in which the sales were made. If tax will appear to you questions in connection with this transaction, a demonstration of the documents listed above will remove all claims to you.

Advice 4: Taxation in the sale and purchase of apartments

Real estate owned, is subject to taxation. If we are talking about buying, the buyer will have to pay tax on the property, and in case of its sale proceeds as income and the seller should pay tax personal income tax. But both the buyer and the seller are entitled to tax benefits.
Taxation in the sale and purchase of apartments

Tax when selling an apartment

Sale for the citizen, it owns on the rights of the owner, can bring not only profit, but also the very significant costs associated with the need to pay tax on the income. Payments when the real estate reglamentary article 220 of the RF Tax Code. In the case when the apartment has been in your ownership less than three years, the sum from its sale will be related to your income tax rate is 13%. For non-residents, the tax amount will be 30%.

However, subject to tax not the whole amount, but only the difference between the cost of the apartment specified in the contract of purchase and sale, and 1 million rubles. In that case, when you sold for 1 million rubles or less tax on income you do not have to pay. Don't have to pay personal income tax in the case when the apartment has been in your property more than 3 years, regardless of the amount for which you sold it.

You should note that in the case where you owned an apartment less than 3 years taxable net income. So, if the apartment you gave or you got her inheritance, she went to you, in fact, a gift. In this case, the selling price will be your net income. When the purchased and you have the appropriate documents confirming the purchase price you can subtract it from the amount that was rescued from the resale of the apartment. This difference will be net income which, after deduction of 1 million rubles, you have to pay 13% to the state Treasury.

Tax when buying an apartment

From 1 January 2014 entered into force the Federal law № 212-FZ dated 23.07.2013 that changed the procedure for obtaining a tax deduction when buying an apartment. You have the right to receive a tax deduction for personal income tax with the purchase amount of 2 million rubles – will be 260 thousand rubles. But now to return income tax you can with the amount of the purchase 2 million rubles in multiple housing facilities. So, if you bought two apartments after January 1, 2014 – the first 1.5 million rubles, the second – 2 million rubles for the first, you are entitled to a tax deduction 195 thousand rubles, and for the second – only on the remaining 500 thousand you will get a return of 65 thousand rubles.

But now you, as the landlord, will have to pay an annual tax on property, which is measured in inventory assessment BTI as of January 1 of each year. Tax rate progressive. If the apartment is priced BTI to 300 thousand rubles, pay should be up to 0.1 %, the cost estimates from 300 to 500 thousand rubles increases the rate of property tax from 0.1 to 0.3 %, and in the case where the estimated value was more than 500 thousand rubles, the tax rate is from 0.3 to 2.0 %.

Advice 5: What amount can be returned with the purchase of an apartment

The purchase of housing is an expensive purchase, which requires not only the involvement of all available funds, but the loan. However, it should be borne in mind that buying a flat, part of the spent money can then be returned back.
What amount can be returned with the purchase of an apartment
The order of return of funds in the implementation of large expenditures, including the purchase, regulated by the Tax code of the Russian Federation, was on the Statute books of our country at number 117-FZ of 5 August 2000.


Subparagraph 3 of paragraph 1 of article 220 of this normative-legal act envisages that when you purchase an apartment the citizen of the Russian Federation has the right to receive so-called tax deduction, which is a decrease in the amount of cash that is taxed. In fact, it means such a citizen the right not to pay tax on that amount, which is commonly implemented by returning him overpaid.

The tax deduction can be done in two basic ways at the taxpayer's choice. The first of them is the exemption from taxes on income, for example, on wages. In this case, during the period when the tax deduction, the employer will pay such a citizen salary without paying her income tax in the Russian Federation is 13%. In this case, such increased wages would be paid to the citizen as long as he does not get the full amount of the tax deduction for the expense of an increase to her.

The second method is the application to the territorial body of the Federal tax service, which returns a lump sum to the taxpayer the amount paid in taxes for the past tax period, often a year. It should be borne in mind that to get your hands on an amount in excess of the total amount paid for this tax year, will not work. If the amount of the tax deduction exceeds this value, the remainder of the money will be transferred to the next year and so on.

The amount of the refund

The amount of money that the taxpayer can return when you buy an apartment directly stems from the provisions of subparagraph 1 of paragraph 3 of article 220 of the RF Tax code. This section of this regulatory act establishes that the maximum amount that can be withdrawn in the acquisition of property from the tax base, is 2 million rubles.

Thus, as a tax deduction to the taxpayer can be refunded 13% of the specified amount that is in terms of money, 260 thousand rubles. It should be borne in mind that to get the money either way you like upon purchase, and when buying shares in the apartment, rooms, detached houses and even land.
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