Here is a list of objects which can be given tax deductions. It is exhaustive and is given in article 220 of the RF Tax Code. For example, when buying a car tax deduction in the form in which it is installed to compensate for the costs of education, treatment or the purchase of an apartment is not provided. The fact that a car is not a vital feature, it is a luxury item. That's why a 13-percent refund of the purchase amount is not possible here.
If the car was in your property for more than three years, then during the sale you can not to pay taxes. In addition, the implementation of any other property owned by you for at least 3 years, you will be exempt from personal income tax and income tax.
If the car you served less than three years, the amount received from the sale may be reduced by the amount of the tax deduction. With balance you can pay personal income tax equal to 13%. Often the sellers therefore specify in contracts understated the cost of the car.
There is another option to reduce taxation is simply to reduce the income received from the sale of the machine due to the cost of its purchase. You need to have on hands the documents confirming your previous purchase. In this case, the amount of the costs will be subtracted from the amount of income, and from the result you will pay a tax of 13%.
After the sale of the property, the possession of which was carried out for three years or more, you will need to submit a Declaration to the tax office. After the transaction is concluded, the contract and other documents must be submitted to the tax authorities in the period up to the thirtieth of April next year. However, one year when several types of property the amount of deduction may not be higher than 250 thousand rubles.