You will need
  • - a statement of tax deduction;
  • - the inquiry on incomes of the form 2 – NDFL;
  • - birth certificate of children;
  • - the documents confirming the purchase of housing, the cost of treatment, training, etc.
If you bought a house, land or apartment, can use the right to return 13% of the purchase amount. For this you need to collect the documents and take them to the tax office. There are two options of tax refund: via a transfer to your savings card or through the payment of wages in full, without paying personal income tax. How will pay you, the government, your work.

According to the tax Code of the Russian Federation, when buying a home or its construction, taxpayers are entitled to an income tax deduction worth up to 2 million rubles. If the purchase or construction was carried out on the mortgage, the amount of the deduction is not limited to 2 million, and the total amount of the loan accrued benefit.
In the case of of a tax deduction when buying a home you need to submit the tax certificate on the state registration of property rights, contract of sale or mortgage. Also the act of reception and transmission apartments, proof of payment (receipts, Bank statements, receipts, etc.), as well as a passport, birth certificate of children and the income statement form 2.

Within 30 days after submission of the tax deduction, the tax must issue to you a document which confirms your right to a refund of income tax. Then the accounting Department will begin each month to keep your salary 13%.

Income tax you can also return the treatment or training for yourself or your child, but provided that your child is not more than 24 years. Otherwise, it will income tax return itself. You need to file to the tax office the documents confirming the training, a certificate from the Dean's office, documents of tuition fees, etc.

In addition, the taxpayer is entitled to a tax deduction if involved in charity work. In this case, the refund is in the amount of actually made expenses, but no more than 25% of the total amount of his income in tax period.