In the Soviet Union there was a kind of particularly dangerous state crime called "treason". Under the treason was understood to be an act deliberately committed by a citizen of the USSR to the detriment of the state. It could be espionage, disclosure of state secrets to a foreign state, flight abroad, conspiracy to seize power. Important components of high treason - the intent and caused Home damage. Actions in negligence (unintentional) or not causing Home harm, treason was not considered.

Most often cheating you know cheating married. Adultery is a violation of fidelity to spouse, manifested in one form or another. In the mind every person has their own "standard" of adultery. What is considered cheating and what is not, determines the person, and it depends on many factors: upbringing, religious views, moral values, social environment and other factors.
Components of adultery

The concept of adultery has three components: sexual, emotional and financial.

Many people (especially men) see treason above all the sexual aspect. For them, adultery is extra-marital sexual relationships, the entry into intimacy with someone else.

Passions, feelings, affections, fantasies about the other person - it all relates to the emotional component of the infidelity.

Under the financial component of infidelity can understand the waste of money from the family budget for extramarital Affairs. Options of spending money on lovers, there are many. It can be gifts, trips to the restaurant, theatre tickets, or direct financial "help".
Cheating yourself

You can change not only the Home and wife, but also himself, his beliefs, principles, views. Most often, the person changes his principles under the pressure of the company, in which it is located. When a staunch teetotaler drinks, yielding to the entreaties of friends, he's cheating himself.