First, the stake must be fresh and chilled. If you don't want to spoil the taste of the cocktail, do not use even a little wicklows or recently open a coke. This will give the drink an unpleasant taste of alcohol. By the way, if you are open to experiments, try to make a cocktail with different tastes of Cola, the benefit of variation from vanilla flavor to the taste of cherries in the shops abound. Or, if you watch your figure, choose diet.
Correctly calculate the proportions to drink a whiskey with coke without wincing. Ideal is the proportion of one to two Cola should be two times more than whisky.
Use perfectly clean and dry the glasses are medium in size, they are not supposed to be water, and they should not be heated. Take some ice, pour into a glass and pour the ingredients.
Whiskey with Cola garnish with mint leaf, a slice of fresh lemon or lime. But be careful, lime can slightly bitter taste, so it's best to use the classic combination of lemon. By the way, the ice can be frozen from Coca - Cola in this case, the flavor will be even richer and sweeter! Also a good idea to freeze the ice from mineral water. If you like to experiment, you can add to the drink a little cinnamon, this combination is just perfect for cold autumn or winter. Also will look great pair of cherries with a twig.