In any case, do not bother Scotch whisky with Cola as is commonly done with other drinks. If the taste of the whisky seems stiff, add a little water with a low salt content. You can also add in a glass a few ice cubes.
For the use of this liquor it is customary to use glasses with a thick bottom in the form of a Tulip. Experts claim that this form of glass will carry all the characteristics of aroma and taste of whiskey.
It should also be noted that Scotch is drunk chilled. For that before use, you can put it in the fridge for twenty minutes or in cold water for a couple of hours.
Before use, shake well the bottle. In any case, do not decorate the glasses with slices of different fruits. Whisky is a drink a serious.
It is not necessary to pour a glass to the brim, enough to be about 35 grams of the drink. It is believed that fully poured a glass of wine is a sign of bad taste.
Drink Scotch whiskey should without straws, and small SIPS, savoring and enjoying its taste and aroma. Enjoy every SIP and do not rush to swallow it, try to feel the whole range of tastes.
Also, do not eat it with something, it will kill all the charm of this drink. Hurry up with the portions not necessary. I decided to do intervals between the use of 30 minutes. Remember that whiskey is pretty strong drink and to abuse them is not worth it!