Shannon Doherty is a brilliant individual and a rebel, became famous in Hollywood for his penchant for scandals, nervousness and inflated ego, but because of her bright appearance offers to play from Shannon had enough.
Despite the fact that she at one time with scandal left from "Beverly hills 90210" producer Aaron spelling's of this project invited Shannon Doherty in this series "Charmed", which is quite different from all his previous projects. However, for the second season on the set, there was serious tension around the figure of Doherty.
One of the most important reasons for leaving the series Doherty can be called a serious conflict with the role of the youngest of the sisters Alisa Milano. The fact is that due to the popularity of the latter, it seriously increased the fee, which greatly angered Shannon. Besides, she did not have the soul that the series is going to stretch as much as twelve seasons.
The scandalous behaviour of the Doherty spilled outside the set, the actress was repeatedly arrested for driving while intoxicated, which greatly angered the producers.
At some point the tension between Alyssa Milano and Shannon Doherty reached a peak, and the role of Phoebe delivered an ultimatum to the producers – or she, or Doherty. Because just at this time, the popularity of Alice went up the hill, Aaron spelling (producer of the show) chose to leave her. Shannon also proposed to choose the cause of death of your character and to stage the death scene.
After that, the producers faced a serious problem: without the third sister in the story the enchanted power can not exist, so the series was on the verge of closing. Auditioned for the role of third witch were organized on an emergency basis. The casting was virtually unknown actress rose McGowan. After its introduction into the plot in the new season the rating of "Enchanted" has fallen dramatically. Almost all fans of the series at first disliked the new found sister. However, by the fourth season the rating of the series was leveled.