You will need
  • The fulfillment of all conditions of installing the patch when it starts.
In fact run the patchand not difficult. A lot of knowledge in this case. But most of the errors committed by those who use these patchAMI, is to neglect the installed software. For each patch, usually attached manual is a text file, which is often called readme.txt. The word itself means read me "read me" that many users do not – hence, there are problems with further work programs.
In this file, indicate the sequence of actions at startup and install this patch. Basically, this step-by-step system work with this patcheat. One of the main conditions is unloading from the memory the program itself, which will be installed "the patch". This means that you will need not only to close the program, but unload from memory. Some programs remain in memory when you use the command "Close the program". This can be explained by the fact that in the program properties can be activated by the item "When closing the program minimize to tray". Sometimes the long program is unloaded from memory. In such cases, you can use the "task Manager: press Ctrl + Shift +Esc go to the Processes tab - locate the process of your program – just right click on it – click the "End process".
Most often the correct installation of the patchas necessary to cover also other programs, in particular browser. To run the patchand use the "Explorer" or other file Manager. Run the patch by double clicking the left mouse button. Follow all instructions that appear in the notification window patch.
After installation automatically opens your browser to the homepage of the website of the company whose patch you have installed.