The main reasons for departure from the game

Make sure that the system requirements listed on the game box, fit your. Insufficient amount of power or other components and resources may lead to crashes to the desktop. It is a kind of system protection from damage and overheating of the various devices.

It is important that the system was installed the latest drivers for the devices. Download them through the Internet or found on the installation disc. Also install new DitectX, without which the game start will not work.
Scan system for viruses before running the game. Some of them cause various errors during runtime.

Disable your antivirus and then complete all the extra apps and services. You can do this in task Manager, causing it by simultaneously pressing the keys Ctrl + Alt + Del. A variety of programs during operation, it involves a high amount of system resources, therefore the game can start to hang out, end unexpectedly, and in the end throw of the player to your desktop. Defragment hard drive to improve the stability of the system.

How to prevent the discarding of the game

Install the latest add-ons and patches for the game by downloading them from the developer's site or from the installation disk. The first version of the game may contain errors, leading to crashes, so the developers periodically release a special patch to fix this.
Install only licensed versions of the game. Pirate build often lead to errors and crashes.

Find the Readme file on the installation disk and carefully learn it. Perhaps it contains information about problems that may occur during the game. Also visit gaming forums where users describe the bugs they encountered. So you can find out more about your problem and how to resolve it.

Remember, do not change whether you own the game settings. If they are exposed to too high resource requirements and is appropriate for your computer configuration, this can lead to crashes. Reinstall the game to return the settings to their original state.

If you are unable to determine the problem due to which there are departures, please contact our technical support to developers. Coordinates for communication with them in the form of phone numbers or e-mail are usually listed on the game disc. Contact the support center and tell your problem. Experts will explain to you the cause and how you can successfully fix it.