The very concept of faith, or Iman, which in Arabic means "security" carries with it the need for the implementation of divine prescriptions related to care of the person about yourself, your health and the health of their loved ones.
In accordance with the religious beliefs of Muslims, unscrupulous and insatiable animal, the pig is a breeding ground for harmful bacteria and microorganisms, invisible to the human eye. It is possible that the basis for the existence of such beliefs was the spread of such diseases as trainees associated with parasitic in humans worm worms, bring blood from the intestine in all organs, muscle tissue and even heart.
It should be noted that even advanced modern medicine is not always able to timely detect and provide a convincing means of combating this pest, so the only way to protect even today is a careful treatment of food and preventive interventions.
Among other diseases, classically associated with pork meat, you can highlight the influence of parasites such as tapeworm, roundworm and other, can not only ensure long-term digestive disorders, but also lead to more serious consequences in the form of anemia, bronchitis, jaundice.
To bacterial disease carried by organisms, mostly prefer pork, include tuberculosis, encephalitis, smallpox, and even such a rare disease as cholera, often accompanied by death. In addition, pork is bad enough digested and excreted from the human body, thereby making it difficult to exchange processes.
Thus, we see that the ban on eating pork is hardly a prerogative of the world of Muslims vanderzanden rather universal rule, which must adhere to modern, caring about a healthy lifestyle, people no matter whether it belongs to the denomination of any kind or is an adamant atheist.