The top panel of the program allows you to edit the contents of the spreadsheet. By default, the panel is secured and is displayed along with all tabs and icons that you need to complete a particular task. To undock the panel and to hide it, you can use the special pointer-arrow, which is located in the lower right part of the panel.
To return the region to the deployed fixed as you can click on the button downward, to again show the need to manage the interface elements.
For fastening only the tabs bar and remove the icons you can click on the icon of the window up arrow, which is located in the upper right corner of the interface, left of the button for minimizing the window. This will increase the usable space of the editable document on the screen. Select the option "Show tabs" or "auto-hide ribbon" to change the display settings.
In addition to the top bar, you can pin the selected line of the table that will be displayed when you scroll the document. Select a line that needs to be fixed on screen when scrolling. To do this, click on the corresponding line pointer in the left panel of the program.
Go to the tab "View" where you click "freeze panes" located in the "Window". You can also freeze a column for horizontal scrolling. To do this, select "Lock first column". To leave visible only one line, select "pin to top line". The panels are Excel complete.
For removing the fixed region again, go to menu "View" "Window" "freeze panes". Click "removing the frozen panes" and click "OK".