Advice 1: How to restore top panel

Even despite the fact that software developers are trying to simplify the interface of their products, in some cases, the search menu buttons for simple commands can take a long time. For example, the top bar menu in some applications it may be hidden, and all attempts to restore it fail.
How to restore top panel
In the latest versions of Office (2007 and 2010) from Microsoft as the primary tool for most operations used the bar menu, which is located at the top of the application window called the Ribbon. If in Word, Excel, Power Point and other you do not see this panel, move the cursor to the upper left part of the window to the area with the buttons "Save", "Undo", "Redo typing".
Click on the rightmost icon with the arrow pointing down. In the opened menu click the last item: "Roll the tape". The response to this action will be the appearance of the main panel in the usual place for you.
If you "lost" the panel of bookmarks, which is also located in the upper part of the window in a separate panel menu, click on the keyboard Ctrl+Shift+B – panel of the bookmarks immediately appear. The same action can be performed by clicking on the wrench icon and then choosing sequentially the menu item "Bookmarks" and "Show the panel of bookmarks".
In Opera browser any panel, which the developers have placed in the top of the window, you can hide or display by using the appropriate command. Access list commands can be obtained by clicking Opera in the upper left corner of the window. Select the menu "toolbars" and check the box next to the necessary barth (', tabs, etc.) to restore it in the working window of the application.
If you have Firefox, you can restore or hide any of the menu bar, click the Firefox button and select "Settings". And Internet Explorer users can simply click in any blank area of the bookmarks bar, right-click, and note the shortcut menu check box on the panelyou want to restore.

Advice 2 : How to restore the toolbar

Toolbars are the most important means of control of any running program and is required for each user. The disappearance of the toolbars can be invoked in a variety of ways depending on the settings of the application itself. In this case recovery Toolbox office Microsoft Office applications.
How to restore the toolbar
You will need
  • - Microsoft Office 2003
Point to "settings" in menu "tools" and open the context menu subject to recovery menu by clicking the right mouse button to perform the operation of restoring the initial settings of the selected menu.
Use the command "Reset" and press the "Close" button in the open dialog box earlier settings.
Return to menu "tools" and click "settings" to perform the operation of restoring the initial set of toolbar buttons and menu toolbar.
Click on the "toolbars" dialog box, and specify you want to restore the toolbar in the "Toolbar".
Apply a check mark on "Always show full menus" tab on the "Options" dialog box "settings" to restore the initial settings show the toolbar, and then click "Reset" on the "Toolbar" to apply the selected changes.
Return to menu "tools" and click "settings" to perform the operation of restoring the original parameters of the built-in toolbar button or menu command.
Click on the tab "Toolbox" and apply the check box on the box to the desired toolbar.
Open the context menu you want to restore the toolbar buttons, click the right mouse button and select the Reset command to restore the initial settings.
Go to the menu that contains the command you want and open the context menu commands click the right mouse button.
Select "Reset" to restore the initial parameters of the selected command.
Return to menu "tools" and click "settings" to perform the recovery operation the standard set of toolbar buttons and commands in the selected menu.
Click on the "Settings" dialog that appears, and click "Reset".
Restore the custom toolbar with the button "Reset" is impossible.
Useful advice
Pressing the "Reset" button leads to the restoration of all built-in submenus of the selected menu of the toolbar.
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