You haven't visited the parents and old friend for that week is calling you to itself in visitors to evaluate new plasma TV on the wall? The rainy weather outside the window – is not a reason to go to visit a family, to keep you warm with its warmth. You will not only have a great time in the company of native people, but also bring them pleasure to their long-awaited visit.
The classic version, where in bad weather to meet with friends – this cafe. Hot tea, coffee or mulled wine will cheer you up, and a comfortable and relaxed environment will allow to communicate freely on any topic. Reserve a table in advance – certainly not only you want to hide in the cold in the cozy establishment.
Read the Billboard of the city's cinemas. Certainly, some of the premiere will cause you concern. At that time, when it's pounding rain or raging storm, you will be able to sit in a dark room with a glass of popcorn and enjoy a new movie, alone or together with share your tastes with friends.
People don't often visit museums on their own initiative. Usually while still in school, they are there for the fun or come for the company with nonresident associates. But the Museum is not synonymous with "boredom", a exposure can definitely cause your interest. The space Museum, chocolate Museum, Museum of high technologies – you can find the exhibition to your taste and visit it while the weather is conducive to walking.
Major cities regularly visited by stars of world scale, giving concerts there. Why not buy a ticket to a club or concert stadium and not spend the evening in the company of your favorite artist? If the bands you listen to, not in a hurry to you, try to go to a club for a concert of local performers. Perhaps you will discover music that will have you in mind.