Skillful is always a lesson. Perhaps your home has accumulated a lot of cases. So use the cloudy weather to restore order in your home. No need to start a repair, just put the furniture in new ways, put a bright pillow, hang new curtains.
Bad weather is a great excuse to pass the time for fun Hobbies. Invite family or friends to play cards, backgammon or checkers. Play the "city" or "Association", sing songs.
They say that rain arouses creativity. Do not resist nature. Do some embroidering. It is known that small stitches visualising weld stress.. In addition, you will be able to make your own masterpieces.
Find rubber boots and raincoats. Invite your friends to go for a walk. Don't want to walk? Run through the puddles! Frolic! In General, feel like a kid.
Learn from the Japanese. In the gloomy days they are the ikebana. In it goes everything that you have at hand: twigs, flowers, grass. Be creative!
Take a book that long wanted to read. Now is the time.
Prepare something delicious for the whole family. Preferably hot.