It all starts with a phone call. The Manager of the dealership confidently reports that the requested car is available, at an affordable price and necessary kitting. In fact, the car is more expensive, picking the other or it is already sold. These above are not only dealers, but everyone who sells something. The Manager has fraudulently to lure customers into the store and try to sell that car that is in stock. In the end the buyer loses precious time and leaving with nothing. At best, at worst, buys a car on credit at inflated price.

To improve comfort and vehicle protection is required installation of additional equipment. To order the installation in any showroom. However, not many people realize that the cost of equipment and installation services, can be several times more than any service station. Radio, alarm and sensors that is most necessary. The main rule of trading is to buy cheap and sell expensive. Most customers buy a car on credit, so an additional 20 – 40 thousand rubles to the cost of the car doesn't matter much. These are managers, offering their services. Argument for belief is the loss of vehicle warranty, if hardware installation will be carried out in other centers.

Vehicle warranty is an important clause in the contract of sale. Any malfunction during operation of the machine can be repair under warranty. It happens in theory but in practice otherwise. Often warranty does not apply to the whole car, either for each Assembly or component has its own warranty. Typically, in the manufacture of car often used parts of another plant. When contacting the dealership under warranty turns out that to repair you need to drive the car on the manufacturer of the failed unit. Costs way more for the cost of the parts. Often, when the report that the part is not in stock and get it in a month. Therefore, the car owner has to buy everything for repair at your expense. Warranty repair for the money motorists – a popular method to increase the profit of car dealers.

To sell cars for 10% more help virtual clients. When choosing a car, the buyer learns that the car is already sold, the Manager announces the arrival of a new batch of cars in the near future and offers to pay the advance. But no one wants to wait a month or more. To leave the dealership on the new car is a dream for everyone. Therefore, the seller tells the buyer that he was very lucky and you can negotiate with the previous tenant who agrees to give up the car for a small fee. Gullible buyer happily puts the desired amount of money.

To get profit the dealers are on a lot. In addition to harmless methods of fraud when the client voluntarily buys the car at an inflated price, there are more blatant and hidden methods of fraud.

Buying a car in the salon, many people think that the car is new and not damaged. In fact, everything can be wrong. A car for one reason or another was scratched, passed pre-sale preparation and painting of certain elements of the body. Conscientious dealers shall inform the buyer and make allowances when selling. The crooks hide it and sell the car as new. In fact the car is new and for many owners it is not critical, however, with a sale price for the car repainted will be much less.

The substitution of the contract of sale is the most offensive and blatant form of fraud. The buyer, suspecting nothing, signs the contract and pays the down payment. After registration of all documents the client will know that the cost of the car is increased by 30-50%, and he should pay the dealership the cost of the machine plus services for the selection of the same machine. In case of refusal on purchase and termination of the contract unilaterally, the client shall forfeit the cabin - 30% from car cost. The deceived buyer have to decide how to get out of this situation with lower material losses. To be without a car and advance to buy an expensive car on credit, or choose a cheaper car.

Not having studied thoroughly the contract you can buy a car with a different set. After payment of the cost of the car revealed that the car is missing the selected equipment, or installed a cheaper. The dealership Manager says that it is factory equipment, and in the contract there is no word about the required customer equipment.

Become the proud owner of a vehicle can loan. However, when buying on credit can be satisfied not by the buyer, and the dealer or Bank. In any showroom offer very favorable credit terms. In reality, low interest rate may rise to 20% or more. The cause of deception is the carelessness and carelessness of the buyer when signing the contract.

To force the client to buy an expensive car or a car with more expensive equipment, the dealers are again using loans. After paying the advance and submitting the loan application, the client is waiting for the Bank's decision. In the end it turns out that the car its value does not fit credit program. For the approval of the loan requires that the amount of credit was more. Future owners of the car and agree to buy the car for a price that was much higher than that which was expected.

Do not forget that the upcoming purchase is very expensive and is associated with a high degree of risk.
Of course the market has many honest dealers and honest dealers, but fans of the big and easy money is always there. Managers of car dealerships are becoming every day more and more inventive, so anticipate all the nuances of buying a car and have 100% protection is very difficult. To best protect yourself from fraud need to be vigilant, carefully read the contract, especially what is written in small print. Ensure that no items of payment for collection of the vehicle, the remuneration of the Manager and VAT. At the conclusion of the transaction take your friends or acquaintances. The contract must clearly specify all information about the car and equipment. Remember that every dealership is trying to lure the lowest prices or great deals. In pursuit of a bargain can be accessed by fraudsters.

Do not sign the contract if you have doubts. It is better to abandon the purchase of the car originally not to create problems. At the first suspicion of deception leave the dealership. If you do not return the advance or grant illegal actions, immediately call the police.